Friday, May 5, 2017

Fiona Freemark: May 11th - June 4th, 2017




National ADAC Gallery Hop: Saturday May 13th, 11-5PM

In celebration of the Art Dealers Association of Canada’s 50th year, the ADAC is holding a nation-wide Gallery Hop on Saturday, May 13, 2017. For the first time ever, ADAC members across the country will participate in a simultaneous gallery hop, which will include talks with prominent artists, curators and art dealers. Over 50 galleries in 13 different cities, exhibiting a range of work from Canada’s leading artists, will participate. Tours are self-guided. Choose a neighbourhood and explore what ADAC galleries have to offer!

Click here to see full event details.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Kim Atlin: March 2nd - 26th

Kim Atlin - 40x60

Kim Atlin - 30x60

Kim Atlin - 56x72

Kim Atlin - 18x20

Kim Atlin - Diptych, 48x96

Kim Atlin - 30x40

Friday, February 10, 2017

Friday, February 3, 2017

New Work by Jeremy Miranda

Jeremy Miranda - Beginner's Spirit
Jeremy Miranda - Tribute

Jeremy Miranda - Decking

Jeremy Miranda - Shed No.2

Friday, November 18, 2016

Anna Valdez on The Creators Project

Anna Valdez - Orchids
We are happy to have just received new paintings by Anna Valdez in the gallery. Valdez was recently featured in an article on The Creators Project by Giaco Furino - a great read on the artists' inspiration and process.

"For many artists, the studio serves as a sacred space. It’s a place that should be calming and inspiring, able to serve as a getaway to creativity and a place of work. In the paintings of Anna Valdez, the studio is at once the subject being painted and the setting of the painting. Her colorful works are packed with plants, fabric, and other paintings. In her newest series, Still Life, the Oakland, California-based artist focuses on the houseplant as a source of inspiration, and even thinks of the plant, with it’s slow movement and reaction to the seasons, as a slow-moving subject..."

View the full article here.

Holiday Group Show: November 17th - December 23rd

We are happy to announce our 15th annual holiday exhibition featuring new work from some of your favourite artists. With this group show, we are pleased to introduce the Canadian premier of sculptographer Anna Church's latest series "Blurred Lines." Also exhibiting are fantastic new works from Christine Flynn, Laura Ortiz Vega, Anna Valdez & more.

Anna Church - Blurred Lines No.3

Christine Flynn - Mountain Gorge

Anna Valdez - Plant on Black Wool Embroidered Bedcover

Ric Santon - Things Fall Apart

Yangyang Pan - Swim to the Moon

Leah Rainey - Ledge

Fiona Freemark - Fog/Lake Clear

Laura Ortiz Vega - Refineria
Douglas Walker - R539

Kim Atlin - Explorations, Morning Reflections